About Us


Meet the man with a pan; Grant McLellan. He’s been chasing exotic flavors across the globe for over 35 years and is now settled down to bring that experience into people’s kitchens.

He has cooked for clients from a variety of cultures, each with their own dietary requirements and preferences. This has enabled him to build a sound knowledge of cooking techniques and flavour combinations that can’t be found in your average recipe book. Whether he’s been rustling up awe-inspiring food in a hotel or on a superyacht, there’s often been a requirement that the food he produced could freeze well without losing either taste or nutrients. Now Grant’s using that knowledge to bring those meals to your average Wednesday night Kiwi dinner.

Grant’s passion was to make delicious meals affordable and easy to turn to for busy parents and seniors. He wanted to give people options other than reaching for the phone or a preservative ladened frozen pizza. He was determined that fresh, local, and seasonal food could be used to create a new level of frozen meals; something that didn’t compromise on health for convenience. 

That determination grew into the Casual Kitchen team and started our journey to bring a healthier option for those who couldn’t spend hours in a hot kitchen making home-cooked meals. We thought the biggest demand would be from the elderly and the ill, and we’ve heard just how much of a change our meals have made in these peoples’ lives. We didn’t expect the demand from everyday mums and dads and busy professionals; our meals weren’t just a ‘good enough Plan B’ they were Plan A. They were an anticipated comfort after a long day without the mess afterwards. 

We’ve grown to meet the needs of our community, we’ve expanded our range of food to meet your needs. That means more vegan options, lower FODMAP meals, a kid-friendly range, and frozen desserts; so you can always treat yourself after a long day. We’ve opened a storefront on Devonport Road to meet our locals face-to-face and serve them fresh food, and we’ve started shipping across the Tasman to our neighbours in Australia so more people can have our meals in their freezer.


Casual Kitchen’s care doesn’t end at an empty plate, we’ve thought about your meal from the paddock to the packaging. Realistic portion sizes to cut down food waste while leaving you satisfied. In-season local ingredients to ensure freshness and reduce food miles. Biodegradable packaging and plastic-free delivery, so your convenience doesn’t harm the environment.

Get in touch with Grant and his team today and be part of the revolutionary Casual Kitchen experience- and why not? They’re changing the way people think about frozen food and giving people back their time.