Introducing Grant and Jo Mclellan

Grant and Jo Mclellan are a husband and wife business team with a vision to revolutionise the frozen food market. Both are passionate about food and the important role it plays in everyday life.

Grant is a professional chef with more than 35 years experience. He has cooked for clients from a variety of cultures, each with their own dietary requirements and preferences. This has enabled him to build a sound knowledge of cooking techniques and flavour combinations that can’t be found in your average recipe book. Whether he’s been rustling up sumptuous food in a hotel or on a super-yacht, there’s often been a requirement that the food he produced could freeze well without losing either taste or nutrients. Now Grant’s using that knowledge to bring gourmet meals to kiwi tables.

Jo’s nursing experience has involved caring for an aging population who need proper nourishment without the taxing task of cooking. In fact, she’s seen people both young and wise, and struggling with a range of medical problems, who deserve access to frozen meals that are both delicious and healthy. Jo has herself found it difficult to balance busy modern-day life with ensuring healthy yet tasty meals make it to her table. She’s grateful that her chef husband Grant can whip up amazing nutritious meals for their family; that’s something she wants people everywhere to be able to experience.

Jo and Grant both understand the crucial role food plays in supporting our health and its amazing ability to bring people together in the spirit of joy and connection. Modern day living has seen cooking become a source of stress for many. Whether a person is navigating an illness, a new life circumstance or just trying to get through another busy week, Jo and Grant want their frozen meals to be what people reach for when they’re choosing to nurture themselves and their family.

Frozen meals can be amazing especially when the people making them have thought carefully about how to package up a meal in a way that not only ensures a healthy sized portion (minimising waste) but also has included ingredients cooked using techniques that seal in both nutrients and flavour. Grant and Jo’s recipes are crafted with care, swapping out common processed ingredients for more vitamin rich options that don’t overpower the overall taste of the meal. These are not typical fast food, heat and eat meals. They are a ‘restaurant at home’ option infused with quality and nutrient- dense ingredients.

Jo and Grant have been listening closely to the needs of their market. Requests for meals that work for people with allergies or other diet restrictions simply equal a challenge to pull together yet another amazing meal option that doesn’t compromise on flavour. They’ve thought closely about sustainability, choosing in-season ingredients and plastic free delivery.

Grant and Jo continue to welcome feedback. Feel free to drop them a line with any queries you might have. They are passionate about promoting frozen meals from plan B to plan A. These are not last resort, bottom of the barrel options, they are a gift to receie and a celebration of health in your freezer.